Saturday, October 30, 2010


This picture was made in St. Petersburg, Russia by the gifted photographer Igor Sakharov in June 2012. I was invited to Moscow, Russia by Sergey Stepanenko to translate the Tambolian Map and the Tambolian series manuscripts into Russian. We also made a documentary introducing this material in Russian.  To access this compelling film please go to
For more specific details concerning this project please go to

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Tambolian Map

Tambolia is where dreams live and forgotten things go. Keys, pins and socks also go to Tambolia if you are not paying attention to them when you put them down. People sometimes go to Tambolia, more than you might think, but it is the ones that come back that are interesting.

Most People live their lives as if they were living in a room with all the lights turned off, bumping into things they know nothing about. An Epiphany is when someone turns a light on in that room. The Tambolian Map is a map of your mind with all the lights turned on. To access this provocative place please select a page from the menu and explore parts of your mind that you always thought were there but was unable to visit.